Lumbar Spine Restoration

Our Lumbar Spine Restoration will get the relief you need from Chronic Back & Muscle or Ligament pain. Regenerative Mind Body in San Luis Obispo can help you get back moving. Our expert team is certified & trained to administer this cutting-edge treatment and get you moving again.

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What is the Lumbar Spine Restoration?

The Lumbar Spine Procedure uses super-concentrated PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) and Mesenchymal Cells to inject all areas of the lumbar spine.

Areas injected include:

  • each lumbar disc to heal torn, bulging and herniated discs
  • facet joints that are arthritic
  • all muscles and ligaments
  • spinal nerves are addressed

The lumbar spine has different pain generators that include

  • the discs (which can become torn, bulging and herniated)
  • the facets
  • muscles and ligaments

By addressing the entire spine, the pain generators are healed.

We are seeing a 80% to 90% success rate!

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Lumbar Spine Restoration procedure
This photo shows intradiscal contrast highlighting discal tears. After we inject the contrast to highlight the discal tears, mesenchymal cells are injected.

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