Dr. Jones injected my right knee and the pain is also most gone. I am able to go back into the garden again.

Carleen M. (96 years old)

They think outside the box…” If you want a doctor and health coach who will LISTEN to you and then HEAR what you are saying and help you reverse your health issues you have found the right team. I have struggled with all the symptoms of hypothyroidism for years…but my blood test were always normal. Dr. Jones and Jean did not let the “normal” test result get in the way of HEARING my increasing thyroid symptoms and the “normal” test result. Finally I am on a regime that has dropped over 20 pounds easily. I am no longer cold all the time and my hair that was thinning is now growing back! I heartily recommend this team of health care givers!!!


Dr. Jones injected by shoulder and knee with PRP and stem cells. I am getting better after just 5 days.

Tony A.

Dr. Jones injected my right shoulder for a rotator cuff tear. My pain is completely gone.

Maria P.

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