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Avoid Spine Surgery with the Discseel® Procedure

Don’t let degenerative disc disease, or torn/herniated disc put a halt to your active lifestyle. Discover relief from chronic back pain through the innovative Discseel® procedure with Dr. Time Jones at our Avila Beach office. There’s hope for a life without constant pain. Contact us today for an evaluation of your condition.

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The Discseel® Procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that allows patients to relieve their back pain without surgery, through the use of FDA-approved Biologic Fibrin Sealant. This is the only procedure that seals damaged discs and encourages them to heal. The Discseel Procedure has proven long-term outcomes in peer-reviewed literature.

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Innovative Discseel® Procedure:
Repairing Spinal Discs and Restoring Health

The Discseel® Procedure is a groundbreaking approach for repairing damaged or torn spinal discs using an FDA-approved biologic called fibrin. Fibrin, a completely natural substance, is employed to mend and seal tears in compromised discs. Unlike spine surgeries such as spinal fusions and discectomies, which cannot effectively address disc tears, fibrin has a history of FDA approval for various medical applications, demonstrating efficacy in situations where traditional sutures or ligatures are impractical.

Attempts by surgeons to suture damaged or torn spinal discs have proven unsuccessful. The presence of disc tears poses a challenge to other injectable solutions because they tend to seep out of the still-torn discs. Over time, this leakage can lead to disc dehydration and degeneration. The ultimate goal of the Discseel® Procedure is to prevent disc leakage, alleviate inflammation of nerves, and foster a healthier disc structure.


Spine treated with screws and rods that are used in spinal fusion surgery


Spine treated with microscopic needles in the Discseel® Procedure

The Discseel® Procedure

These are the common-sense, evidence-based steps of the Discseel® Procedure


During your consultation, you and anyone with you may speak directly with your Physician who will perform your Discseel® Procedure. Your Physician will answer all your questions so that you feel confident and ready for a successful return to activities.


Annulograms™ are painless tests that replace “old school” MRIs and Discograms, because they can precisely identify disc tears and leaks. This is something MRIs or discograms can never do. The Annulogram™ is performed during your Discseel® Procedure.


While mild sedation relaxes you, and after your Annulogram™ identifies your discs’ tears, your Physician seals all your tears by injecting Fibrin into the precise areas in need.


Fibrin’s binding ability allows your spinal discs to regain normal strength within 30 minutes, allowing you to return to your hotel or home by that time. You may begin light activity the next day, increasing by 10% increments a day until you’re back to running, golfing, or just enjoying life, while Fibrin continues healing your spinal discs that entire year.

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We believe in empowering patients and helping them make informed decisions. Our Doctors and Staff have more than 20 years of experience. Since 2018, Dr. Jones has specialized in the latest non-surgical treatment options for addressing torn, bulging, or herniated discs that cause pain.

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